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The Magazine needs Section Editors

Having breed section editors would make things move more quickly and we still need them for the Birman, NFC, Somali, Turkish Van, & Siberian sections.
Mandy Hopkins will be doing the Maine Coon section and Hannah Yardley the Ragdoll section.

Please DO volunteer and help the magazine come together more speedily and efficiently.

Gifts For Cat Lovers

If you're struggling to think of that perfect gifts for your cat mad friend or family member, the guys at Purrsonal have some super cute cat hoodies and jumpers that can be personalised to make the perfect birthday gift for cat crazy friends.

Additionally Mandy Hopkins has been co-opted to the committee to do the Newsletter which will give the editor more time to concentrate on the Magazine. You can find Mandy's details on the Committee Page.

In order to facilitate the earliest time in December for distribution, we have had to bring submission deadlines forward.
The 2008 Magazine submission deadlines are no later than the 15th of July for members articles and adverts, and the 15th of September for special articles by previous agreement with the Editor.