from our Fifth Championship Show 21st April 2007

Best Birman Adult Gr Ch Sucette Midsummerknite
Best Birman Kitten Baygazer Klawnique Katarnia
Best Birman Neuter Calloui Enrico
Best Birman Exhibit Baygazer Klawnique Katarnia
(owned  by Mrs L Kaplan)

Best Turkish Van Adult Gr Ch Mandela's Barzani
Best Turkish Van Kitten Alantris Dannys Boy
Best Turkish Van Neuter PR Klassyklogs Kagan
Best Turkish Van Exhibit PR Klassyklogs Kagan
(owned  by Mrs C Gilbey)

Best Somali Adult Gr Ch Brizlincoat Toomai
Best Somali Kitten Brizlincoat Paddington
Best Somali Neuter Gr Ch & Gr Pr Brizlincoat Fleur
Best Somali Exhibit

Gr Ch Brizlincoat Toomai
(owned  by Mrs E L Watts)

Best Maine Coon Adult Gr Ch Dotcom Lorenzo
Best Maine Coon Kitten Noracoon General Custer
Best Maine Coon Neuter Ch & Pr Celticoon Augustus
Best Maine Coon Exhibit
Gr Ch Dotcom Lorenzo
(owned  by Mr & Mrs S Coleman)

Best Norwegian Forest Adult

Ch Kvasir Theodore

Best Norwegian Forest Kitten Norsvana Sanna Avsvartisen
Best Norwegian Forest Neuter Gr Pr Nordlys Giselle
Best Norwegian Forest Exhibit
Gr Pr Nordlys Giselle
(owned  by Mr D & Mrs E P Coward)

Best Ragdoll Adult Onceupona Kizzys Kenzo
Best Ragdoll Kitten Finearte Zephyr Rose
Best Ragdoll Neuter Gr Pr Cheham Cantona
Best Ragdoll Exhibit & BEST OVER-ALL EXHIBIT Gr Pr Cheham Cantona
(owned by Mrs E Stacey & Mr J Delloyde)

Best Non Pedigree Adult Male
Mr Jinks
Best Non Pedigree Adult Female
Best Non Pedigree Kitten Blue Moon
Best Non Pedigree Exhibit
Mr Jinks
(owned  by Miss R L & Mrs P A Hart)

Best Assessment
Radzimierz Divo
(owned  by Mrs A J Symonds)

Royal Canin Midlands
Non Pedigree Stakes Winner

(owned  by Mrs L M Hutchinson)

Best Decorated Pen

Gr Ch & Uk IGr Pr Emanan Alderman Ptolomy (Somali Cat Club Table)
(owned  by Mrs E L Watts)

The Peoples Choice Winner Esaya Loveinamist
(owned  by Mr W Baxter)
Crystal Clear-National Championship:
Overall Pedigree Winner Ch & Pr Emanan Bootstrap Bill
(owned  by Mrs E L Watts)
Overall Non Pedigree Winner Mr Jinks
(owned  by Miss R L & Mrs P A Hart)
The First Show Entry Received:
Miss R Taylor
The Neatest Show Entry Received:
Mr S & Mrs S Coleman


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