6th Championship Show 19th April 2008

Overall Best In Show
Best In Show Birman
Deenlay Syringa
(owned  by Ms C Delaney)

Best In Show Maine Coon
Isadoryou Hampton Bear
(owned  by Miss J Wallwork & Mr J Loughlin)


Best In Show Norwegian Forest Cat
Gr Ch & Gr Pr Vanaheim The Jabbawok
(owned  by Mrs L J Grant)


Best In Show Ragdoll
IGr Pr Cheham Cantona
(owned by Mrs E Stacey )


Best In Show Somali
Gr Ch Brizlincoat Toomai
(owned  by Mrs E L Watts)

Best In Show Turkish Van
Klassyklogs Kagan (MN)
owned by Mrs C Gilbey


Best Non Pedigree Exhibit

(owned  by Mr Beard & Mrs Gray)


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