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Flea Allergy in Cats



Most itchy cats will be found to have fleas.
Some will develop skin problems which may become quite serious 
if they are allergic to fleas.

General Information:

Very few (if any) fleas may be seen on the cat, only flea dirt 
may be found. Test by placing dirt on a damp paper or cotton wool. A red stain from the digested blood will be seen.
- Itching results in damage to the skin or coat so method of flea control must be one where the flea does not bite the cat

Suggested methods of control of flea allergy:

- to all cats with allergy, treat weekly with a flea spray such 
as Nuvan Top OR monthly using Frontline or Advantage
- where there are large numbers of fleas, give Program orally 
once monthly OR give program by injection every six months
- treat the environment/house with Acclaim 2000 or similar product, every six months.