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* Provide you with all the necessary documentation including at least a 3
generation pedigree, GCCF registration (pink transfer form) or a copy of the mating certificate and information to make the transition of the kitten to your name and home a smooth operation.

* Provide you with a vaccination certificate to show that your 
  kitten has been fully vaccinated against Feline Infectious 
  Enteritis and 'Cat Flu'. The final vaccination is usually given 
  around twelve weeks of age.


* you and the breeder should both sign the transfer form to enable you to have the kitten registered in your name with the GCCF or the CA. Some breeders do not send this to the GCCF until the kitten has been neutered.

* you should receive a receipt for any money paid for the kitten.

* you should be given a diet sheet showing what your kitten has 
  been fed on.

* you should expect your kitten to have been wormed.

In addition

* you may also be given a period of insurance cover, usually for the 
  first six weeks.

* the breeder may also have vaccinated against Feline Leukaemia Virus
  (FeLV). If your kitten is to be allowed outside and has not had this
  vaccination then speak to your vet about it. There is also a 
  Chlamydia vaccine but this is not widely used yet as this is not a life
  threatening infection. Any vaccinations given to your kitten should 
  be recorded on your kitten's vaccination certificate.

* you may be asked to sign an agreement to say that your kitten is
  to be pet only or a pet with show potential and will not be used for
You will be expected to have your kitten neutered or 
  spayed  before a certain age.
This is purely to safeguard the breed so that no cats considered unsuitable (or not the best example of the breed) can 
appear on another pedigree or used in an undesirable breeding programme.