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Owning a stud cat can be one of the most rewarding relationship between human and animal. It is also a responsibility not to be undertaken lightly. A stud cat in an outdoor shed with no companion, isolated and alone, is a sad sight for an animal with 
so much affection to give. Whereas queens bond more strongly to their kittens to which you are second, to your stud cat, you are number one, he relies on you, you are his contact with the world
outside.  He may miss you when you are away and go off his food.

So what does a stud cat need to keep him happy?

* comfortable and warm sleeping and living accommodation - 
  this will need to be heated in the winter and very cold summer 

* accommodation that can be kept clean and disinfected - 
  properly lined with Formica type board as many studs will spray 
  in their own quarters.

* outdoor space in which to exercise and in which to climb - 
  this should be stimulating and plenty of high spots where 
  he can sit in the sun and shelter from the wind and rain.

* companionship both feline and human - a companion neuter 
  is ideal but he will still need daily attention and fussing from 
  his owner.

* regular health checks - his vaccinations should be kept up to 
  date and he should be regularly tested for FeLV and FIV.
* a good quality diet - there are plenty on the market.

* queens with which to mate - surprisingly not all studs need 
  unlimited numbers of queens, many will be quite happy with four, 
  spaced out over the breeding season.