What do you get for your Subscription?

An annual magazine which we hope to have available each year 
   at the Supreme Cat Show and a newsletter after the AGM
   updating members with news.   

* An opportunity for your cats to win club trophies each year for their achievements on the show bench throughout the year, awarded
  at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Beautiful Club Rosettes to cats gaining titles within the Association
  show year (January to end December)

* An opportunity for your cats to win club trophies each year for their achievements at the Association Show.

* support at selected shows.

* A range of free leaflets on aspects of Semi Longhair cat ownership, breeding and showing.

* And most importantly - the chance to help promote the interests and welfare of all semi long hair cats in the company of like-minded

The aim of the Association is to offer a place where all breeders & owners of Semi Long Haired Cats can interact and share ideas. We have no intention to take over from, or speak for any of the Breed Clubs.
The majority of
Association members are also members of their respective breed clubs. Breed Clubs are the only people who can determine the breeding policy and standard of points for their cats.We will not intervene in any dispute regarding breeding policy or Breed Standards.
The SLHCA is taking on the same role that the Short Haired Cat Society plays with their breeds. Namely to be an Association where people can meet and share mutual interests with other owners of any breed of Semi Long Haired Cat.