Subscription Information

Cost of Joining
annually 1st January - 31st December

Single Membership 7.00

Joint Membership 10.00

Please direct all membership enquiries to:
Hon Secretary
Mrs E Harvey
Tel: 01937 842797

Breeders List (Club Members only)

* New members must be paid up members for one whole year,
   unless they are already a prefix holder.

* Members must sign and adhere to the "Code of Ethics".

* Members must pay a fee of 5.00 per year to cover  
   advertising and web site costs.
* Breeders List subscriptions are due annually and run from
1st of January through the 31st of December. The Breeders List
subscription may be paid with the club members annual

* Members should register or declare kittens with the GCCF 
   as the SLHCA is a GCCF affiliated club

For more information contact:
Breeder's List Secretary
Mrs Fiona Hermon
Tel: 01908 642115