The Siberian cat is a very old breed with records of them making their homes in Russian monasteries as far back as the 13th Century.
They are a medium to large cat. Everything about them reflects their heritage and the cats have evolved to deal with the harsh Russian winter climate. They have thick dense undercoats to keep them warm, and a water replant top coat. Their tails are very full and well furnished to keep them protected from the elements.
They are surprisingly heavy for their size. They do not require a great deal of grooming but do have seasonal moults in spring and autumn. Most owners will testify to the dog like devotion of their cats, and many have reported that their cats have a wonderful chirruping purr that they have not heard in other breeds. They are a very playful and intelligent breed, that socialise well with other cats and are happy share their home with dogs and other pets. Siberians first arrived in the UK in 2002 and were given recognition by GCCF in 2004